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Be one of  Corn resellers and off best  iptv serviece to your customers.

If you already are an IPTV seller and are looking to expand your business or if you have decision to start a new business, you can be one of hundreds of our Resellers.
With the features provided by CORN and the high quality of services and a large collection of TV channels (Over 9000 Channels), you can have satisfied customers in addition to expanding your revenue.

If you have already used our service, you know the quality of our services.
If you are new you can get a Free Trial Account and check the quality of service.
●Support 1 Month & 3 Months & 6 Months & 1 Year user accounts
●Generating multiroom accounts.
●Modify or edit created lines.
●Can get your own reseller.
●Generate 30 one day Test accounts daily for your customers.
●Reseller Support
●IPTV Server maintenance by CORN

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