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How to watch IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung has multiple IPTVs, and we have chosen three common methods of operating IPTV applications.

“Duplex IPTV”

Double IPTV 6 months

1. Download "duplex iptv“

2. Give the device id and key and the app to let me upload the playlist for u.

or you can use the m3u link to upload yourself.

3. Close the app and reopen to load the data.

“Net  IPTV”

Internet IPTV 2.0 Apk APK Free
after u download the app

1. go
2. add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update
3. enter your TV MAC address
4. enter YourM3U list
5. to confirm Recaptcha (I'm not Roboter)
6. please wait
7. enter send
8. please wait 5-10 second
9.restartyour TV again
10. go to Net IPTV
11. press any key
12. Your List is ready 


How to upload playlist

To upload user playlist press Settings button of the main screen.

as the m3u link is a little long and difficult to type on TV

you can use to short the link


To upload the playlist by link go to the Content section of the app's settings, choose External playlists subsection and click Add button bellow the screen. Enter desired playlist's title and the link of your playlist in corresponding fields and press Save button. The playlist will be available on the Main Screen trhough separeta tile.


The app is not free

To upload playlist with non-permanent code go to General subsection of the app's settings and press Get code button. Non-permanent code can be used only 24 hours (or till new code is generated)

1. choose interface language

2. click the yellow get code button


go to

to upload the playlist

1. Enter received code into the blank and press Add Device button

you will go to the upload page

2. Choose external playlists

put the m3u link into source blank

 When the connection was made select playlist file in your PC and upload it by pressing Save button

The playlist will be available through tile My playlist on the Main Screen